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Yes, one could do that with Acrobat. But not everyone owns Acrobat and with Acrobat it is slow, cumbersome, and no fun. With Jump it is still no fun – but at least it is simple and fast.

What is what – you ask? Well, creating “jump to” links/marks (annotations) within an exciting PDF document. Sometimes one is in the need of doing that and with Jump you can just do exactly that; nothing else.

Download Jump for Mac OS 10.8 and above

MOApp Material Wallpaper

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It’s been a while since I’ver created my last wallpaper – mainly because I’m busy. Today I needed a break and because I kinda like the official Lollipop wallpaper I opened Photoshop and ‘borrowed’ the idea :–)

In the bundle you will find wallpapers for Mac (up to 5k), iOS, and, of course, for Android and Windows…

Download MOApp Material Wallpaper Bundle

The ZEN Ollerum (again)

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The ZEN Ollerum

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The (currently not at all) Daily Ollerum

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MOApp Ringtones Set 3

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Yes, another Ringtones Set. This is a more relaxed/mellow one.
You can find my other sets here

Download MOApp Ringtones Set 3 for iPhone

HTML 909

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I’ve got the real one collecting dust in the basement and I’d prefer it over the HTML one – but we’ve come a long way since 1984…

HTML 909 Website